Wedding CD Part 1
Instrumental Selections

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  1. CD1_01 Welcome to the QAS Wedding CD
  2. CD1_02 We Recommend This First Set
  3. CD1_03 Clarke_ Trumpet Voluntary
  4. CD1_04 Purcell_ Trumpet Tune
  5. CD1_05 Wagner_ Bridal Chorus
  6. CD1_06 The Final Two Pieces
  7. CD1_07 Handel_ Overture Fireworks Suite
  8. CD1_08 Stanley_ Voluntary in D-Major
  9. CD1_09 The Next Three Pieces
  10. CD1_10 Telemann_ Le Grace
  11. CD1_11 Handel_ Air Water Music Suite
  12. CD1_12 Pachelbel_ Canon in D
  13. CD1_13 At This Point. The Bride And Groom
  14. CD1_14 Mouret_ Rondea
  15. CD1_15 Handel_ Allegro Maestoso Water Music Suite
  16. CD1_16 Mendelssohn_ Wedding March
  17. CD1_17 The Next Four Pieces
  18. CD1_18 Bach_ My Spirit Be Joyful
  19. CD1_19 Vivaldi_ Concerto for Two Trumpet
  20. CD1_20 Handel_ Overture Suite in D-Major
  21. CD1_21 Boyce_ Voluntary in D-Major
  22. CD1_22 The Following Four Organ Solos
  23. CD1_23 Widor_ Toccata
  24. CD1_24 Vierne_ Carillon
  25. CD1_25 Bach_ Prelude in G-Major
  26. CD1_26 Buxtehude_ Prelude in F-Major
  27. CD1_27 The Following Music
  28. CD1_28 Viviani_ Sonata
  29. CD1_29 Telemann_ Concerto
  30. CD1_30 Viviani_ Sonatina for Two trumpet
  31. CD1_31 The Following Two Works
  32. CD1_32 Bach_ Jesu. joy of Man's Desiring
  33. CD1_33 Mozart_ Ave verum Corpus
  34. CD1_34 The Following Four Works
  35. CD1_35 Telemann_ Sonata in D for Flute and Violin
  36. CD1_36 Handel_ Sonata in F for Violin and Basso Continuo
  37. CD1_37 Marcello_ Sonata in C for Flute mvt1
  38. CD1_38 Marcello_ Sonata in C for Flute mvt2
  39. CD1_39 Telemann_ Sonata for Unaccompanied Flute
  40. CD1_40 The Final Group
  41. CD1_41 Bach_ Brandenburg Concerto
  42. CD1_42 Vivaldi_ Spring The Seasons
  43. CD1_43 Bach_ Sheep May Safely Graze
  44. CD1_44 Mozart_ Flute Quartet in D