Preparing for Your Wedding Liturgy

Using the Online Wedding CD

The Music Office has compiled the materials on the two web pages listed below as an aid in your selection of instrumental, vocal and congregational music for the wedding liturgy. This collection is by no means an all inclusive list. Rather, it is intended to serve as a starting point to either help you identify titles of pieces with which you may already be familiar, or by introducing you to new pieces you may wish to consider using.

As you will hear, this is not a run-on listing of instrumental and vocal solos. In addition to the musical items you hear, it includes spoken dialogue intended to guide you through the liturgy, highlighting the number of musical selections needed for a given point within the liturgy as well as suggested musical examples. A variety of musical instruments, all of which were recorded at the basilica, are included. While these instruments add a unique color, most selections heard on this collection are adaptable to a variety of arrangements and can be used equally effectively without the additional instrumentation.

You can listen to the selections in a continuous fashion by clicking the play button at the top of each section, or to listen to individual pieces, simply click on the the title you wish to preview.

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